About Lida

What makes Lida Griest unique? Her background as both an English teacher and a school counselor, plus a deep desire to help students succeed, gives Lida a unique perspective as an educational consultant. Lida takes the time to fully understand the abilities and interests of her students and their families to best assist them in achieving the “right” school fit.

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Our Process

photo of Grayson and student

“There is no “best” school in Atlanta, and there certainly is not a “#1” college in the US for all students. Let all of the pollsters and experts who research various facts about universities say anything they want. The very “best” school is the one that makes your child academically successful in a nurturing environment that encourages him/her to face new challenges.

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Our Services

Lida Griest began her educational counseling firm in 1998. Since that time she — and now Grayson Spencer — have worked with hundreds of families helping them identify the “right” school fit for their children. Lida and Grayson enjoy working with students of all ages, ranging from five-year-olds to students applying to graduate programs.

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It is a personal investment in her clients that makes Lida a remarkable school counselor. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!

From The Blog

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